Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Introducing....Our Son!

Seth David 

Last Wednesday, March 21st at 4:00 we went to court and Seth was legally declared our son.  Words cannot describe all the feelings that come along with that.  We have loved Seth since we first laid eyes on him.  It wasn't long before we knew we wanted to keep him forever.  There were so many tears, so many ups and downs along the process.  Many people- people with power, said it was impossible.  Evidently God has a bit more power than they.  :)

Seth at 2 days old, the first day we met

Seth, 2 months old

No longer is Seth's heritage one of addiction, abuse, and neglect.  No longer is he cast aside, unwanted.  No longer is he a ward of the state.  He is our son.  He is loved and wanted more than he will ever realize.  He now has full access to the God-fearing, Jesus-serving heritage that Jed and I have been blessed with.  That all belongs to Seth now!  We have no idea what effect his past abuses will have on him as he grows, but it doesn't matter one stinkin' bit.  He is our son and we will always love him.  We will always choose him.

Seth and Daddy, Christmas 2010

Seth and Mommy, March 2011

Christmas 2011
Spring 2012

The day they announced Seth was our son I felt different.  I told Jed that I felt like I loved him more.  Jed said "You don't love him more, you just love him without fear".  That is total truth.  As much as I loved Seth before, I know there was a bit of me that I was holding back.  I was afraid he would be taken away again, and I guess it was like a subconscious self-protection.  I didn't want to hold back, and I honestly didn't think I was, but now I know different.  I love him fully and completely now and it feels different.  It feels AMAZING.  He is my son and nothing will ever change that.  Ever.

Thank you Jesus for the gift of our boy.  He was plucked out, chosen, for a reason.  I can't wait to see what You have in store for him.  :)

Our Family on Seth's Adoption Day


  1. What a wonderful feeling! I do recall that same feeling of loving-in-safety after our three were finally declared ours forever. Relish it; it's a shadow of the Lord's love for us!

  2. Congratulations! I'm so glad to see that he's finally yours!

  3. Congratulations!!! I have experienced that happy day for 2 little ones last year and waiting on another one sometime soon.

  4. Okay, Now i am just dying to know who goes to Little Beavers and who your mom is!! This is Naomi by the way, you left a comment on my blog!

  5. Oh my goodness Kim, he is beautiful! And the picture of him in the mud... priceless :)

    Congratulations - the son of your heart is now officially yours!

  6. I somehow missed this post....Awesome.....We Love Seffers!!!



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