The Fam

Welcome to our family's little space in the World Wide Web.   We are Jed, Kim, Addy, Ezra, Havalah, and Seth.

We love Jesus and are learning day by day how to follow Him by simply doing the next thing.  We want to live our lives without regrets- living lives of "YES!"  

We have been medical foster parents through our state for the past 5 years and finalized the adoption of our sweet Seth in March 2012.  God has given us a huge love for orphans, specifically for orphans with disabilities who are bed-ridden.  Their plight is our passion.

We plan to move to Ukraine in November 2013 to care for orphans who are severely disabled.  
This blog is our way of documenting the journey.

If you're new to our blog here are a few important posts that will help you get to know us a bit:

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  1. Okay, just read this and and it I see it answers a LOT of my questions. Kim, what a fabulous testimony and vision! Will DEFINITELY keep u and your fam in my heart & prayers!

  2. Kim & Jed: SO wonderful to meet you e-style! I cannot remember who recommended that we get into contact with you. Anyway -- thanks for stopping by our blog. Love all those CUTE people with cute glasses!


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