Saturday, July 14, 2012

Love Blitz

UPDATE: 8/7/12
Maxim has a family coming for him!!!!
Last week was a great week in the Reece's Rainbow community!  Dear, sweet Porter was found; another super cute little boy with Down Syndrome, Ryan, was listed on Reece's Rainbow and his family found him in his first 24 hours of being listed!  Amazing.  Witnessing God moving hearts and changing minds is breathtaking.  Lives are being changed and saved on a daily basis.  Praise God!

When the Reece's Rainbow family saw sweet Ryan scooped up so fast we rejoiced, but at the same time our hearts ached for the children that have been listed on Reece's Rainbow for years and have been passed over time and time again,  Where are their Mommies?  Where are their Daddies?  I have faith they are out there, they just haven't seen their child's beautiful face yet.  

A group of us decided to do a Blog Blitz for these kiddos, the passed over ones.  We are working hard today to get their faces out there in faith that God will direct the right eyes and hearts to the right faces.  We see that miracle happen daily...why not for these babes?

As you look at the faces below, really look.  These are the ones who have waited for years and years.  See these children.  They should be running in the sprinkler, eating snow cones, going on their first camping trip.  Their lives are worth the effort and their lives are worth the financial cost of adoption.  Please truly see them, and then ask God how He would like you to respond.

Maxim. (FOUND!!!!)
Look at that grin!  Maxim is only a few months younger than my Addy.  He has waited so long.  There is a missionary who has spent a lot of time with Maxim and she is in love.  She can't understand why he hasn't been chosen yet because he's such a treasure.  Here's what she had to say about him after seeing him for the first time in several months:

"Maxim is doing wonderfully!   He gets physical therapy and swimming therapy!   He is finally walking short distances without support! His tummy is now only mildly distended (I would say its about 75% better than it was 6 months ago!) He is just as sweet, happy, and smiley as before, and now he’s much healthier! God must have a very special and loving family in mind for this boy who has waited so long, could that family be yours?  Maxim’s Mom and Dad? Where are you? I’ve seen him. I’ve held him and kissed his sweet face. He is waiting patiently for you to come for him. I KNOW, I just KNOW, that he will be the biggest blessing to his family. Please hear the call – for Maxim."

Another beautiful smile!  I know many people who are in love with little Brent.  I know many people who wish he could be their son, but God must have other plans, because none of them can pursue his adoption.  Whenever I see a little one that is loved by so many from afar I can't help but wonder what great things God has in store for them.  Out of all the faces on Reece's Rainbow, Brent is a favorite of many.  What does God have planned for this sweetie?  I can not and will not believe it's a lifetime in a mental institution.  Is Brent your son?  If not, would you share his face with others so his mommy can find him?

  I seriously love Yegor.  A few months ago a friend did a giant fundraiser for many different families and children.  Yegor was one of the ones she decided to fund raise for because he has been passed over for so long.  I don't know what it is about him, but that face gets me every time.  I pray for Yegor, that God would keep him safe and hold him tight until he is found.  Please help me find his family!

Ivan looks like a little cuddlebug doesn't he?  The overalls, the cheeks, the little fingers...he's killin' me!  Look into his eyes.  He is worth it.  He deserves life.  God created him for a purpose, with a destiny.  Let's help in his rescue!  Pray, share his picture, give to his grant can make a difference!

Abbot's description on Reece's Rainbow makes me want to cry!
"Abbott is a child with whom everyone falls in love immediately! He is a very kind and very cheerful child! He easily finds common language with adults and children. Abbott understands how to properly play with the different kind of toys and loves to play. He is not speaking yet but he is easily understood.  Abbott is an active child.  He likes to run, walk and see new places.
Recently he has been transferred to an institution and nobody knows how he is now."

Oh Abbott, you are not forgotten.  You are loved.  You are prayed for.  I pray your mommy and daddy find you soon. 

Each of these little boys has waited for so long.
What if 2012 is their year?
What if?

I have a lot of faith.  God is at work in people's hearts and He is hard at work for the orphan.
How can you join him in this wonderful work?


I can't wait to see which one of these boys is found first!

To read about other children who have been waiting for far too long hop on over to the blogs below.  Different kiddos are featured on each blog.  This is their day in the spotlight!
Come on Mamas and Papas!!!  Come find your babies!

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