Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gaining Momentum!!!

HEATH WON!!!!!!!!!
Our dear, sweet, precious love earned his spot on the Angel Tree.  Well done all who voted!!!!!!

I can not even describe how excited and encouraged I am by the body of Christ.  When we come together in unity God just smiles on it.  I think He gets the biggest kick out of all of us passing the word, texting, calling, facebooking, blogging, all for an 11-year old in Eastern Europe who was unnoticed by the world for most of his life. 

Heath has been passed over and forgotten for so long.  For 11 long years he has waited to be wanted.  Oh baby boy, your time is a'comin'.  I just know it.  I have so much faith right now it's crazy.  Momentum for our boy is revving up and it just can't be long till his Mommy and Daddy see his face!

First there were prayer warriors praying for Heath long before we noticed his sweet face.  To you girls, thank you so very much for your love and faithfulness. 

Then came the meeting of the minds in our backyard last month.  :)  Mutual love for Heath was discovered and we felt we just had to act on it. 

Next I found out that there are multiple Heath-lovers out there that we don't even know who have been having garage sales, selling off furniture, doing youth group fundraisers- all for Heath.


A family who loves Heath had a birthday party.  Instead of asking for presents, the children asked for money for Heath.
They ended up raising $450 for our sweetie.  But they aren't just giving it away for way.  That wouldn't be enough fun.  :)  They have offered their donation as a matching grant in hopes of raising even more cash for Heath.  Pretty sweet, eh?

I know, I know, you're asking,
"How can I help?" 
Oh, I'm so glad you asked!  There are 3 big ways you can help out.

1.  Donate money ($1, $.50, $200 every little or big bit counts!) to Heath's matching grant right here.  If we can raise $450 by September 1st that gracious birthday partyin' family will pitch in their $450.  Can we do it????  Only with your help. :)  In order to meet our goal, Heath's grant at Reece's Rainbow needs to read $9,583.94 by September 1st.

2.  Have a car wash on September 15th!  Our dream is to have many, many people washing cars for our boy all on one day.  If you can't wash cars, do a bake sale, collect coins in a jar, collect pop something!!  One family has soccer that day so the mom is donating a certain amount of money to Heath for each goal scored.  Love it! 

3.  Pray.  Pray for our boy that God would bless him and keep him.  Pray that God would lead Heath's parents to his face and that they would hear the Lord's leading and act.  Pray Heath is rescued soon and pray that his rescue would serve to bust that place wide open. 

September 15th is Heath's big day.  If you decide to help out in any way please, please let me know so when we recount the amazingness of it all we can all celebrate together!

Thank you all so much for your giving hearts.  It's hard to come on here and ask for money, but when I look at that sweet face it just doesn't matter anymore.  He deserves a family and a chance at life- no matter how I feel.  Know what I mean?  Thanks for coming back, reading, and acting. 

You are a blessing!!!!!!!


  1. Let's do this! It is so within our reach to get Heath home!

  2. Happy day! We are at the tippping point and Heath will continue to gain momentum. Thansk for rallying the troops and letting us know that we are not alone --- we can do this together!

    P.S. Sold more stuff plus ... my husband is listing all of our kids' old Halloween costumes on ebay next ... great time of year to sell those ... my fund continues to grow and my house is getting clean at the same time --- win win!

    Sue H.

    1. Total win win is right!!! Things are definitely looking up :)


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