Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mamas Joining Hands for Heath

In a small village halfway across the world a little boy sits. He sits and waits.
As life passes him by, as his childhood passes him by he sits and waits.
At one time he was lost, only a few people knew he even existed.
But then....God.
One family came in and rescued a sweet little boy from his orphanage.
Then a second family swooped in to rescue another, not so unlike him.
Those families saw this little boy sitting in his chair, playing with grass to pass the time.
They saw the beauty and potential inside of him and he is lost no more.

If you haven't seen him before on this blog, this is "Heath".  Dear, sweet, loved beyond words, Heath.
Heath waits in the orphanage far away that is closest to our hearts, "The Lost Boys" orphanage.  He's been waiting for 10 years....but can I let you in on a little secret?


I don't understand it all, and I'm pretty sure it's bigger than I can even imagine.  God is up to something ginormous and Heath is part of the plan.

If you've been reading here for a while you know that the Lost Boys are pretty big deal around here.  They are the main reason we crossed the ocean in April, and they are the main reason we are moving our family across the ocean to live.  We don't understand it all, but we know that God has called us to those boys, to that place.  Ever since we got back in May it's like people are coming out of the woodwork who love those boys and desire to act on that love.  It's craziness!

That brings me to this past Sunday night- a great example of the huge plan God's got in the works.
Can I just say that Sunday night was amazing????
Listen to this!

On Sunday night we hosted a gathering at our house for local Reece's Rainbow adoptive families and advocates.  Some of us had met before face to face, but many of the group had not- regardless, there was instant comfort.  God had already knit our hearts together for a group of children who most people don't even know exist.  It felt like a family reunion, with all the love and none of the drama.  

Only God can pull off something like that.  It was beautiful and I'll not soon forget it.

All the girls together

What does Sunday have to do with the Lost Boys and Heath?

Well, as we mamas sat around chatting about the orphans we love far away, the conversation drifted to Heath.  We discovered that there was a fierce mutual love for Heath among the mamas.  We teared up as we shared the prayers we pray for Heath, how we trust that God sends His angels to comfort, that God walks among the boys and rests His hand on their sweet heads as they sleep.  It was beautiful to see how God has placed the same prayers in each of our hearts as we pray for this boy who desperately waits.

After we went our separate ways that evening the chatting continued between the mamas:
"I can't get Heath off my mind, there must be something we can do!"
"I thought about Heath the whole drive home, surely if we all work together we can do something!"

An idea was born.

Sit up!
Pay attention!
This is where you come in!

Washing Cars for Heath

Many hands make light work- and more fun!
On September 15th, we Pacific Northwest Mamas are committing to washing cars for the day in our different cities, with all proceeds going directly to Heath's Reece's Rainbow account.  

You see, adoption costs a lot.  We trust that if the money is there, Heath will be adopted.  We believe it!  For Heath's adoption to be fully-funded his grant needs to read at least $25,000. 
 Right now Heath has $9133.94  in his account.

What if we could raise the difference in one day?  What if????
Would you join us?

All you have to do is set aside September 15th to wash cars.  Gather some friends and family and wash cars in your city.  Get the word out about Heath.  Show his face to as many people as you can!  If you can't wash cars, do a bake sale!  Collect pop cans!  Then send in your tax-deductible donation to his Reece's Rainbow account.


This boy has waited far too long.  We know about him now.  We are compelled to act.
Our goal (impossible sounding- but not impossible to God) is to have a car wash for Heath happening in every state on September 15, 2012.

What do you think?
Would you please consider joining hands with us Mamas for one little boy?
We can each play a part in his story of redemption.

Would you join us???

If you would like to host a car wash for Heath (or join ours if you're local!) please leave me a comment.  I would love to know who all is joining hands with us for Heath.  Go team go!!!!!


  1. Where in Pacific Northwest? Maybe I can come help :)

  2. Mattie! Yay! The more the merrier. If you would email me at wholelottalovinblog @ (without the spaces) I can let you know if there's a car wash happening near you. Thank you so much for your willing heart!!!


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