Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Kids are Posers

This morning we started back to school.  We were supposed to start yesterday, but then our friends invited us to an amusement park, so obviously we pushed our school plans out a day.   

Livin' up that last day of summer!
 Today, as I fought back the lingering nausea of the Tilt-A-Whirl and the lingering effects of Seth on little-to-no-nap, school officially resumed.  


Highlights of the first day...
1.  Cookies for breakfast. Yep.  It's true.  But, in my defense, they have the word "healthy" in the title.  That's got to qualify them as a breakfast food!...right?
2.  Desks to the rescue.  We just sold our dining room tableUhhh where are we going to do school?  Nice.  I guess I should have thought of that last week.  Luckily I remembered we had 4 little school desks in our garage that my aunt had given us.  I had planned on selling them since they won't really fit in our carry-ons, but I guess I'll keep 2 of them around just for good measure.  Sweet!
3.  Latte delivery.  My mom and dad love to occasionally surprise the kids with hot chocolate on school mornings.  Today it was Grams with Starbucks delivered to my door.  Cue Hallelujah Chorus.  Thanks Grams!
4.  Ezra rocks at math.  How is it that Ezra seems to have improved at math over the summer with no practice?  He is definitely his father's son.  Math is my nemesis; always has been, always will be.

5.  Addy the tutor.  Addy insisted Havalah should start preschool this year, so we picked up a little preschool workbook at Target for Hava to "study".  Addy could.not.wait. to help Havalah with her book.  It was hilarious!  

Addy: "Havalah, if you don't like the way I teach you, just tell me and I'll teach you differently.  Just make sure you don't scream at me."

6.  Seth the destroyer.  Seth took a 3 hour nap after thoroughly destroying the house while my attention was diverted to the big kids.  I'm choosing to think positive and call that a highlight.  :)

7.  My kids are posers.  We walked to the park after lunch and I told the kids I wanted to take a couple pictures of their first day of school.  OMG.  Hands on hips, heads tilted.  I've never seen my children like this.  It was as if they were channeling Olan Mills.  Immediately the poses broke out.  Unbelievable.
Here's the proof: 

Look at the foot back on the tree!  The hands! HA!

The hips!  The bowed legs!  The constipated smile?  Hilarious.

Again with the foot on the tree!  Pointed toe.  Seriously!

This one just kills me.  We never ever get smiles like this for pictures from our Seth.  LOVE.

8.  The biggest highlight of my day was seeing my kids excited to learn.  Havalah and Seth were so proud of their scribbles.  "This one's for you Mommy."  Seth put his on the fridge all by himself!  The Bigs and I snuggled on the couch and read while the Babies napped.  I was deliberately with my children.  Sigh.  It's great to be back in session.  

 Aren't they beautiful?  :)


  1. Sounds like a PERFECT day! Yes, your kids are too cute for words; both in looks and personality! Latte delivery sounds wonderful. I can give her my address. :)

    1. Ha! I know, right? It doesn't get much better than a latte at the doorstep.

  2. AMAZING! Your kids are blessed with a really invested teacher!

  3. I truly believe Starbucks should deliver! I would give them a key to my house so that they could bring it to me in bed after I hit the snooze for the second time!

  4. Your kids are too cute. Please give them to me. Or adopt me. Both options would work.

    1. Ha! Joanna! Too funny. Come on over and visit...you know you will someday... :)

  5. Are you sure our kids aren't related? Because I saw the toe point/leg lift action a lot today. Love you guys and will be your reason to play hooky any time!

    1. Ha! Yep, you've got some posers on your hands too. :)


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