Monday, September 17, 2012



 Saturday was Heath's Day and it was AMAZING.
As Alicia, a friend who came out to help us (and held signs on the curb for 2 hours straight!) put it,

"God is such a show-off!"  

Yes He is!  When God decides to show His stuff He goes all out.  Heath Day was a smashing success and all thanks goes to the God who loves the orphan more than we can begin to imagine.  

Our car wash alone raised $849.  WHAT?????  How is that even possible?
Well, with God all things are possible and I'm learning that more every day.

Friends came from far and wide to help raise money as a ransom for a rejected 11-year old boy across the world.   Oh Heath baby, you have no idea how many people love you...

Our guys washed cars non-stop for Heath.  NON-STOP.  It was crazy busy.  Crazy because there were like 3 other car washes happening on the same street as ours!  Somehow, our car wash was hoppin' the whole time.  Yep, God cares a lot for our little Heath.

Our dear friends Sam and Angie came to help (Of course!  They never miss a chance to serve. Seriously. Amazing.) and brought their two recently adopted Bulgarian blessings to wash cars for Heath.  Watching those two, orphans no more, cheering for an orphan to come home made me tear up more than once.  :)  It was pretty special. (And...I didn't get a picture. Darn!)

Thank you Ang!!!

The car wash was hoppin' with kids.  Lots of 'em.  They scrubbed, they cheered, they played. 

They made us smile.

Even babies came to love on Heath!

It was awesome to see little ones working hard for another little one so far away.

While the guys did the bulk of the washing (not all, mind you!) us ladies managed the loads of kids and cheered for our Heath.  It was like a cry-fest!  Every time a friend would show up to help we would all start crying again!  It's just so overwhelming to see what God has done since we first started talking about Heath in our backyard one July evening.  He is outrageously good.

Becki and Sara are both on their own adoption journey and of course they came to help!  Becki and her husband get to leave in just a few weeks to go meet their sweet baby Pasha who's waiting for them in Heath's country.  You can follow their journey here.  Sara and her husband Curtis are working hard to get to Porter, who is in Heath's institution.  I pray in a couple months when they arrive there for Porter they can look at Heath and know he has a Mommy and Daddy coming for him too!  You can follow their journey here.

Awesome Jessica came to help too with her little boys.  :)  I cut off Becki's face....oops.

 Our friends Chris and Sarah helped us tremendously.  I don't even want to think about what Heath Day would have been like without their help.  They picked up supplies, they encouraged, they invited people, they even fed us dinner after the car wash was over!  What a huge blessing.  Thank you friends!!!  Sarah wrote about Heath's Day at her blog here.

It was a beautiful day and God provided abundantly beyond what we had imagined.  To everyone who came and donated, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Also, to all who volunteered their time to guys rock!

After all was said and done and the Heath Day numbers were crunched I'm happy to report that Heath's matching grant was met and exceeded.  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  His grant won't show that until all the checks arrive at Reece's Rainbow, but even now his grant continues to grow.  It's a miracle.

Now all that's left is to find that boy a family.  I am confident God has someone in mind because He has prepared the way for them to get to their boy as fast as possible.  So now we pray.  We share Heath's face and we pray.  Money is not an obstacle now.  God's plans for Heath must be great for Him to pull off something like this for a little boy who sits destitute and alone half a world away.

 Hold on sweet boy, God's got you covered. 


  1. Yes. .. HOLD ON HEATH! God is working miracles for you!! I am so blessed to witness all of this awesomeness!
    Thanks for cutting my face off, best picture!!

    1. Ha! Oops. I just love the sun-in-the-eyes pics, so flattering for all involved. :)

  2. Oh my goodness....I can't believe I will get the chance to see that sweet boy in person. Heath's mamma and daddy - COME ON! Let's go get these boys!!

    1. You better believe I'll be waiting on pins and needles wondering if you've met Heath. I can't believe you get to go there. I'm so excited!!!

  3. Oh Kim! i'm just catching up on reading blog posts... this is so amazing & beautiful - i sit here, teary eyed, loving all of you who have helped soooo very much our little Heath! Please let everyone know how grateful i, Heath's mum in her heart, am. Yes God has Heath in His hands. Love the pictures!

    1. I will tell them. :) It is beautiful isn't it? Can you imagine how we will celebrate when his family finds him?? He's got quite the extended family!!

  4. I love that our God is such a show-off! Makes me jump for joy!! Amazing amazing amazing God!

  5. Thank you for bringing us all together to have such an amazing day for that sweet boy. It's a blessing for my family to be apart of His heavenly hand at work! Can't wait for this story's amazing ending/beginning.

  6. AWESOME.... SO SO SOOOOO Wish we could have been there! Looks like an awesome group of people! Way to go ya`ll. Thank You King Jesus!!!! Can`t WAIT to see Heath Home with a family of his own.

    1. I can't imagine how fun it would have been to have you there. Sigh. Soon enough we'll be together again. :) I can't wait to see Heath with a family either. Now THAT will be a day to celebrate!!!

  7. Too bad the timing didn't work out for me -- looks like such an amazing day! Keep me in mind for future events, I'd love to help out.


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