Monday, January 28, 2013

Life Snippets

Snippet #1: I really like green smoothies.  I'm not much of a breakfast person.  I drink my coffee first thing when I wake up.  I'm not sure the caffeine does anything for me, seeing as I could drink a vat of coffee at 10:00pm and promptly lay down and fall asleep.  Coffee isn't about caffeine for me, it's about comfort.  I love the warmth, I love the taste, I love the coziness.  
BUT this is not about coffee!  So easily sidetracked...  This is about the smoothie!  Since I don't really care for breakfast I normally drink a big fat smoothie.  It tastes good, it fills my belly, and it's good for me.  BAM.  Here's what I drink every morning (except today because we were out of milk and I knew I was going to my sister-in-law's and she always bakes something irresistible)

a little milk
1 banana
large dollop (yes, I said it) of almond or peanut butter
spoonful of coconut oil
squirt 'o honey
fistfuls of greens (spinach or kale), as much as seems right in the moment

Try it!  You might like it!

photo credit

Speaking of my sister-in-law brings me to Snippet #2: Cousins!  We had a long hangout session with the cousins today and it made my heart sing.  My kids love their cousins.  Missing out on cousin time is one of the things that makes me sad about moving to Ukraine.  Most of the time I feel super excited about moving...but time spent with the ones we love makes me sad about it.  Aw well, we'll enjoy it while we got it!  

Seth and Eliana- He looooves babies!

Addy and Isaiah, just a few months apart.  I had to say "poop" to get a natural smile from them.  :)

Snippet #3: New boots!  I've been wanting brown boots for a stinkin' long time.  If you must know, it rains a lot here.  A LOT.  A girl can't just go around wearing Toms in the pouring rain because those are the only shoes she's got.  I mean, this girl did, and ruined too many Toms Bday presents from the fabulous in-laws.  I needed some boots!  The very bad day, recently, when I ended up in the ER, remember that day?  Earlier that day I was out searching for the perfect boots.  My parents gave me Christmas money to buy some, so I was on a mission.  Well, things got a little crazy that night, so my shoe shopping was delayed.  Last Sunday I got back on the saddle and walked out of the mall with boots!  I'm a happy camper. 

Why this picture won't rotate correctly is beyond me.  Ah well, you get the point. :)

 Snippet #4: Lost teeth!  Ez Pez lost a big 'ol tooth on Saturday night.  I was shocked and might have even gasped when I saw the gaping hole.  How did I not realize that tooth was so ginormous?  Wow.

Snippet #5: I love my Reece's Rainbow group.  We have THE BEST local group of Reece's Rainbow adoptive families and advocates.  On Sunday night we had a party at our church and it was a blast!  I think we had 14 families represented!  Back in July we hosted a BBQ at our house (remember we got all crazy about Heath?)  with this group and many people were in the adoption process.  This time many of those little adopted kiddos were there, running around, being loved on by all of their biggest fans. 

Not only are these people with common hearts and passion, they are people I love to spend time with.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.  YAY!!!

Phone pic, but beautiful friends, just the same


  1. Anyway, we should make it a goal to "do something" after each get together. I mean, maybe not Heath big bc we would soon be tapped out, but just do s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g.
    O I know... pick me, pick me. (Snort giggle haha)

  2. You and me and Coffee :) ???... I Like Green Smoothies too.... You and me and a Green Smoothie??? Cmon, I gotta see them Fabu Boots!!! Love you ALL!!!

  3. I love green smoothies. And coffee. (duh)
    I wish my kids had cousins (we're counting you as cousins, 'kay?)
    Your boots are even cuter in person. I wish we were the same size.
    I think I heard an echo in that gaping hole in E's face on Sunday.
    I think I fell in love with so many precious hearts on Sunday.

    <3 your guts.

  4. I absolutely just made that green smoothie and will be forever grateful! It's awesome. You changed my life. Thank you for a new way to get kale into my system!!!! Love you both and am excited for your plans!
    Rachel Calderon Hiraldo

    1. YESSSSSS!!! So glad I could help. :) Love you too!


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